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Teaser Trailer! 

The teaser trailer for Road Trash is officially here! The teaser features narration by Heather Langenkamp and music by James Malone! It also features some weird girl with an ugly screaming face. Check it out in the VIDEO tab! 


Hollywood and Heather Langenkamp! 

It's been a week since our trip to LA and I still can't believe it happened!

We have been in talks with Heather Langenkamp's agent since June about her doing the narration for Road Trash.

I honestly thought it would fall through or that she would read the script and immediately throw it in the trash. BUT GUESS WHAT!?

She showed up for our recording last week prepared and excited! She truly was such a pleasure to work with. She said she could relate to the script because her daughter liked to photograph road kill. It was truly a humbling and amazing experience to watch her work and participate in this little film. A dream come true for everyone involved! We love you, Heather!